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Why Malta ?

By November 29, 2022January 20th, 2023No Comments


1.Malta has been a member of the EU since 2004 and as such offers the same regulations and fund structures available in other  EU jurisdictions such as Luxembourg and Ireland.


2. Apart from  Ireland it is the only other Eu jurisdiction having English as an official language. This means that all laws  and regulations are written in English, making it easier  for anyone looking for the ideal jurisdiction for his fund. It is also very convenient having service providers, with English as a native language, servicing the fund’s investors.


3. As a jurisdiction, Malta has been  at the forefront of innovation, including  the availability of structures such as the Professional Investor Fund and the Notified AIF which facilitate a  quicker time to market.


4. Approachable regulator, available for discussion even before submission of any regulatory application. This saves a lot of time, resulting in a smoother approval process.


5. Apart from Maltese structures, various set ups such as Cayman, BVI, Bahamas are also serviced from Malta.


6. Malta is very well known for their highly qualified workforce.


7. Service providers are used to different levels of AUM and can tailor their services to what the promoter requires, investing in the growth of smaller structures while providing ongoing guidance and assistance at lunch but also once the fund grows.


Reach out on if you’d like to know more how our team can assist. At Fexserv we can guide you further in relation to Malta as a fund jurisdiction, or as a jurisdiction that can service your offshore fund