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Use of Fund Platforms

By January 5, 2023January 20th, 2023No Comments

Many start up managers are more and more exploring fund platforms as an option to launch their first fund. We’ve been working with different AIFM/UCITs platform and can easily link you to options if you’d like to know more… Here are a few benefits of using fund platforms you should consider as a start:

1)     Time to market:  Setting up a sub-fund will be quicker than setting up a structure from scratch – the SICAV and Board are already known to the Authority, service providers as well, so with all officers already processed by the Authority as fit and proper it will become a matter of getting the approval of the sub-fund’s strategy;

2)     Appointment of service providers: Service providers would either be known or the platform can introduce you to others that already trust the fund platform provider and/or the SICAV. This will quicken the process since they don’t need to get to know you! Service providers onboarding processes are becoming longer and require a lot of forms and documentation, hence why being part of a platform will make your life easier;

3)     Guidance: You will be guided along the process directing you at the best course of action at each and every step. This will be very valuable especially because a fund platform would have already dealt with other projects similar to yours and would have gone through any doubts/questions you might have already; Also as a manager you would want to focus on the management side and fund platforms would have all the resources required in place to be able to cover all regulatory matters without you worrying if something is being overlooked.

4)     Costs: Setting up your own SICAV can be costly even if you opt for the most cost efficient jurisdictions. Being part of a platform means you’re sharing some costs with other sub-funds. It also means the platform would have negotiated lower fees with service providers from which you can benefit!

Reach out on if you’d like to know more how our team can assist. At Fexserv we can introduce you to platforms that suit your plans and guide you in all relevant areas