Our Services


Fexserv Fund Services provides a wide range of customized fund administration solutions to clients.


Our knowledgeable team offer you the depth of experience and professional training required for trustworthy, trouble-free fund administration. 

Thanks to our expertise we can assist on multiple asset classes, complex fund structures and investor reporting demands.


Our services include set up and structuring of funds, fund administration, multi-jurisdictional compliance and aml assistance company secretary and reporting services.

Assistance in Structuring of Funds

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  • Guidance in terms of rules/regulations applicable;

  • Coordination of meetings with Authorities;

  • Coordination of application documents  where applicable;

  • Communication with the Authority during the licensing process;

  • Set up of Legal Structure and drafting of applicable documents;

  • Opening of bank accounts;

  • Registered Office;

  • Identification and introductions to qualified service providers (legal, audit, fund

  • officers, etc) and assistance in obtaining competitive fee quotations for services.

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Fund Administration Services 


  • Reconciliations of cash balances and positions with prime broker/custodian;

  • Accounting and generation of accounting reports including trial balance, statement of comprehensive income, statement of affairs, etc.;

  • Independent asset pricing and portfolio valuation reports;

  • Processing of corporate actions;

  • Calculation of expense accruals;

  • Management fee calculations and distributions;

  • Performance fee calculations and distributions;

  • Net Asset Value (NAV) calc – daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual or in any other required frequency;

  • Payment processing / Disbursements;

  • Preparation of interim and annual financial statements;

  • Co-ordination of the annual audit with appointed auditors;

  • Share/Unit-holder register maintenance including processing of subscriptions, redemptions, switches and transfers;

  • Multi-class, multi-series and multi-currency support;

  • Subscription agreement checking, collection and compliance checks;

  • AML/KYC and original document retention and storage;

  • Investor communications including statements (daily/weekly/monthly/etc), notifications and other reporting;

  • Fund NAV/price feed into pricing platforms (Reuters/Bloomberg/Telekurs).

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Compliance & Company Secretary 



  • Provision of Compliance Officer/MLRO Appointments for different jurisdictions

  • Preparation of regulatory and compliance filings and reporting;

  • Assistance with AML/KYC obligations;

  • Preparation and filing of annual returns and other regulatory forms.

Company Secretary 

  • Acting as Company Secretary for funds;

  • Assisting with the preparation for Board Meetings, circulation of agendas, preparation of board documents, resolutions and drafting of board minutes pursuant to the meetings;

  • Submission of all applicable company forms/returns

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  • Investor classification and gap - analysis to identify where further information may be required;

  • Registering the fund as a Foreign Financial Institution and obtaining its Global Intermediary Identification Number and  the formal acceptance of the responsibility as the FATCA  Responsible Officer;

  • Identification of account holders with US indicia;

  • Reporting prescribed information and appropriate communication with the domestic tax authority, or directly to the Internal Revenue Service, if required.


  • Classification of the Fund in accordance with CRS;

  • Performing of a gap-analysis and due diligence on the Fund’s (high value) preexisting investors (if applicable);

  • Filing of any reports required by the Fund, together with any statutory fees or duties prescribed by CRS;

  • Communication with the competent tax authority of the Fund‘s jurisdiction and/or the responsible  authority of the partner jurisdiction on behalf of the Fund and providing of any information required in accordance with the CRS legislation;

  • Classification of holders of financial accounts (“Investors”) maintained by the Fund under the  CRS categories;

  • Collecting of Investors’ due diligence and know your customer data which shall be as complete     as reasonably possible, with use of, inter alia, self-certification forms for CRS purposes;

  • Accurately recording Investors’ data in an electronically searchable database of Circle, so that  paper records searches are not required;

  • Making of any prescribed electronic database searches and enquiries for CRS indicia as defined in CRS; and

  • Preparing of reports on Investors’ data in the form prescribed by the competent tax authority.

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