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Private Funds – The Benefits of Appointing a Fund Administrator

By February 6, 2023No Comments

In recent years many private funds have been resorting to independent fund administrators. Here are some reasons why:


1)Expertise: Fund administrators would be exposed to similar structures across the industry. They can provide specialized knowledge and experience, which otherwise a fund manager would find difficult to keep up with, resulting in distractions from core competencies.

2) Efficiency: Outsourcing to a fund administrator offers increased levels of operational efficiency. This allows fund managers to use their team and resources for core investment activities and avoiding any distractions from the overseeing of back-office activities.

3) Enhanced transparency:  With the help of fund administrators investors can benefit from increased transparency, clear separation of duties and roles which provides for added comfort to investors. Some jurisdictions require the appointment of a fund administrator for all funds and investors used to that will be more comfortable if administration is outsourced.

4) Additional support: Fund administrators can also assist with other matters such as company secretarial duties, compliance matters and AML issues. Regulations are changing constantly and it is easier to outsource, making sure nothing is missed.

5) Technology: Fund administrators are equipped with software to ensure that the fund is being administered with up-to-date technologies as well as having the right capacity to service your fund as it grows.

6) Costs: Having a third-party administrator can help significantly minimize the overall administration costs when compared to in-house administration.

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