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Company Secretarial Support

By August 27, 2021September 9th, 2021No Comments

4 reasons why your administrator is the right partner!

1)     Knowledge of your fund

Being the fund administrator makes it easier for the Company Secretarial team to have more knowledge about your fund and be familiar with what goes on within the fund on a daily basis. This reduces the amount of clarifications, information and feedback required from your side.

2)     Increasing regulatory expectations

Compliance and regulatory demands on regulated funds increase on an ongoing basis. In the past the role of the Company Secretary was undervalued however more importance is being given to this role. Taking on the Company Secretary role is not just about keeping minutes!

3)     Independent oversight

Having someone external to the Board as Company Secretary provides comfort to Regulators and External auditors providing them with the expected level of control and oversight.

4)     Access to expertise not within your firm’s core skills

The Company Secretarial team supports many similar structures gaining access to knowledge from leaders in the Industry. They are also up to date and can guide you with any new regulatory requirements leaving you more time to focus on what you can do best!