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A day in Fund Accounting – Meet Raisa!

By April 6, 2023No Comments

No alt text provided for this imageHi I’m Raisa and I am a Senior Fund Accountant within the Fund Administration, department of Fexserv Fund Services. Join me for the day to know more about what we do.

First things first!

My day as a Senior starts with confirming my team is familiar with the deadlines for the day – at times we have to adapt our plan to any changes in urgency or other one-off client requests.

The rest of my day

I continue my day making sure all client requests have been answered and any emails in relation to other matters we should be aware of have been noted, by all the team or relevant team member. It is essential that client requests are attended to as soon as possible. This is what has made us stand out from other competitors over the years!

In the meantime, Fund Accountants within the team would be working on funds that need to be priced (calculation of Net Asset Value – NAV) on the day – this means they will be preparing financial figures for my review later on in the day. Amongst other things, during this process the Fund Accountant accounts for new investments into the fund, outgoing investors, fees and other expenses, corporate actions, account for fund income and trades. They will then price investments and reconcile portfolio positions and cash balances to broker’s records. As a Senior I’m always available for any guidance they might require, consulting with my manager in scenarios new to me as well.

Several reports will be extracted from the system for my review, which I’ll go through in detail making sure all figures are correct before sending the NAV pack to the client for review and approval. Once the NAV is approved, the relevant fund accountant within the team, completes the pricing report to be published on Bloomberg, Refinitiv or other platforms.

No day is like another!

Although we have regular deliverables, on a daily basis we get involved in many other fund related matters such as:

· Regulatory reporting such as Central Bank Returns,

· Attendance at client board meetings – it’s exciting being part of these meetings, having the ability to present our report.

· Client meetings – meetings can be set up for various reasons. Whatever the objective of the meeting I always take the opportunity to understand how I can assist my client further! If something is not within my capabilities I always update my manager after the meeting.

·  Audits

· Assist other departments such as Compliance and Transfer Agency with their deliverables or other information they might require from my team.

…some background

I joined Fexserv during my first years at MCAST. As a student I was always interested to learn more, and Fexserv welcomed my initiative, providing me with opportunities across different departments in the Company. Since I graduated I focused on Fund Accounting side of our operations, dealing with different strategies which provides me with a lot of exposure across the industry. I speak regularly with clients and different service providers in the industry including auditors, custodians and banks, which makes my day very interesting. I’m #proudtobefexserv!


Join us!

At Fexserv Fund Services we’re always on the lookout for individuals with the right attitude and commitment to grow whether you’re a student, already working in other industries or a fresh graduate! Reach out on for more information! #wearefexserv