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A day in Compliance – Meet Pauline!

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Hi, I am Pauline and I work as a Corporate and Compliance Executive within the Compliance Department of Fexserv Fund Services Limited. Join me to get to know more about what my role consists of.

First of All

My day-to-day role as a corporate and compliance executive is multi-faceted. My usual routine begins by checking emails and our calendar in order to be able to plan the day accordingly. I also communicate with my seniors to confirm whether there are any other matters that require our immediate attention.

My Day to Day Duties

As a team, we are responsible for ensuring that the funds are in compliance with the rules issued by the relevant Authorities. Furthermore, we are in constant communication with the management of each client in order to draft, review and update the necessary policies and procedures. We also discuss directly with the Board of Directors of the respective client fund with regards to any regulatory updates so as to make sure that these are being addressed and implemented by the company. It is also worth mentioning that the Corporate and Compliance Team is the direct line of contact with regulatory bodies on behalf of client funds, given that we are responsible for ensuring that the funds meet their regulatory obligations and that they are operating within the stipulated laws.

Furthermore, from the Corporate aspect of the role, we are responsible for organising, attending Board Meetings and taking minutes of such meetings. We are also responsible for the submission of statutory documentation with the Malta Business Registry.

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On Some Other Days

The Corporate and Compliance Executive role is anything but dull, since the role itself is diverse, which is one of the main reasons that I enjoy being part of this team. Each day I get the opportunity to work in a variety of tasks and this helps me to enhance my skills given that the industry is fast-paced and rules and regulations are always evolving. In fact, other duties that fall under my responsibility as part of the Corporate and Compliance team include the following:

  • To assist and guide clients when launching new funds, on the licencing process and pre-launch requirements.
  • Drafting of all application documentation during the licensing process.
  • Liaising with the fund’s bankers, independent auditors, and other service providers to the funds during the set-up process.
  • Assist clients with any changes required for the fund such as changes to the Board Composition, share transfers or any changes required to the fund’s structure amongst others.
  • Create and manage affective action plans in response to audit discoveries and compliance violations.
  • Maintaining the company’s statutory books and records.
  • Drafting of Compliance Officer Reports and Compliance Monitoring Programmes.
  • Preparation and handling of onsite and offsite visits carried out by the Authorities.

My Journey

I joined the group as a student whilst studying at MCAST. Throughout my studies, I have always been passionate to learn more about the legal and regulatory aspects of an entity, and therefore, after some time working with ITC International Pensions (within the same group of companies), I was given the opportunity to join Fexserv Fund Services as a Corporate and Compliance Executive, which I find very interesting.

Join us!

Fexserv Fund Services offers a number of different opportunities within the financial industry where one can grow and progress further with his/her career! Interested to join our team at Fexserv, get in touch with us on for more information! #wearefexserv